Cancer horoscope december 2

On January 31, June 18, and again on November 8, Saturn will create a harmonious link to inspirational Neptune, now in your 9th House of the Higher Mind. This strongly suggests that you won't give up on a relationship if it means enough to you.

You'll seek out a mentor or spiritual guidance to help you and your partner carve out a new path together. It can be an enlightening time for both of you. Adding to this are eclipses all year that will fall between your 1st House of Self and your 7th House of Partnership. On January 5 a Solar Eclipse in your 7th House will support the initiation of a fresh start between you and your mate. It will also be an auspicious time to begin a new business alliance. On July 2 a Solar Eclipse in your sign will help you create a personal new beginning that will make you feel more inspired, conscious, and authentic.

You might make a change to your physical appearance at this time as well. On July 16 a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector will absolutely lead to a turning point between you and your mate. For those who know they are in a relationship that is no longer viable, this might be the breaking point. There is no reason to hold on to that sand any longer Lastly, another Solar Eclipse in your 7th house wraps up the year on December This eclipse is even more brilliant than the January 5 one, since it will be closely aligned to Jupiter and Uranus.

Remember, everything we experience is essentially a reflection of our inner being.

Instead of externalising the problem, take a moment to look within. Could the conflict you are experiencing on a subconscious level be causing commotion outside? When you start to vibrate at the frequency of love, trust that everything around you will shift.

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Put your money where it can grow. Think longterm investments, Libra. Setting funds aside will ensure you continue to live life queen-size even in the future. Could that mean a few compromises in the now? You know what they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. Life is offering you the chance to maximise on the new opportunities and level up.

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Cosmic tip: Think longterm investments. Now is the time to get your financial game in order.

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Centre yourself. You have just completed a significant journey. They say endings are synonymous with beginnings. This will help you dream up the perfect roadmap. You want to take the gift of clarity with you as you move forward from here. As for the delays and difficulties you are facing, trust that they are a part of the divine plan.

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Now is the time to process your learnings. Sagittarius, open your heart.

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Communication is an important theme for you today, especially on the personal front. If somebody really loves you, they will do their best to make amends and allay your fears. Your intuition is heightened at the moment. Trust is the magic word. When it comes to your body, you are the best judge. Have you been having a nagging feeling about something?

A chakra that needs to be aligned or an ache that needs to be checked on? Make healing a priority, Capricorn. Book an appointment with a practitioner you trust.

Horoscope today: December 2, 2018

With the power of manifestation entrusted upon you by the Universe, you are now in charge of creating your own destiny. This is a time of rebirth and transformation in your world. Step into your power. Play an active role in writing the script of your life and determining where you go from here. If you see the potential in something, start working towards it pronto!

Now is the time to clean up.

Cancer Horoscope December 2018

Eating consciously could be your first step on this journey. But our consumption is not limited to food alone. Our thoughts contribute largely to our state of being. Have you been holding onto negative beliefs or judgements against yourself? Now is the time to release. Cosmic tip: Align yourself with the miracles you want to see. Cosmic tip: Forgive that one person you have been carrying a grudge against.

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