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The confusion seems to be a result of Eastern vs. Western astrology. Most of us are familiar with tropical zodiac Western , based on the seasons, which has not changed, though sidereal zodiac Eastern , based on constellations, has different signs including a 13th.

Is Astrology a Pseudoscience?

Is there a correct system? That's up for debate. See if your Zodiac sign has changed below based on the new claim. And find out if your friends' signs have changed here or under the dates below.

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Capricorn: Jan. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

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Fortunately, this new moon also comes with its own built-in BS detector: an earthy trine between Venus in Taurus and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This supportive aspect helps us stay rooted in our deepest values and desires, empowering us to cut out all the distractions and give our undivided attention to the things that really deserve it. If not, take the opportunity to listen and learn.

Read on for your sun sign and rising, if you know it to learn more about the energies of this lunar cycle:. But is this new image really you? Family comes first, Cancer , but meaningful work is a very close second. Take some quiet time this month to restore your soul.

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Work hard, play hard! Leo , we all need to blow off steam. But an overactive social life can drain vital energy and resources away from your bigger dreams and long-term goals.

Horoscopes quiz looks into science behind the star signs

Still, a lot of work goes into crafting your best life. When was the last time you paused to enjoy it?

Seeking out new experiences and connections this month gives you more space to spread your wings. Be willing to work at it, while keeping the vibe light and playful. A neutral, third-party observer or mediator can bring more clarity to the situation.

Under pressure! You may thrive in stressful conditions, Capricorn , but even you have your limits. Being a team player is one thing, Aquarius , but sacrificing your individuality is a whole other ballgame.